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Since that YEAR...



A message of hope for the children of Hongkongers who chose to leave








"Mommy, why do we have to leave Hong Kong?"

"Since that YEAR"  is a heartwarming story of a family's struggle to leave Hong Kong and their daughter's journey to understand why. Through the eyes of the main character, readers will learn about what happened in Hong Kong in 2019, and the different emotions that come with leaving behind everything you know and love to start a new life in a foreign country. This beautifully illustrated book is perfect for children aged 3-9 who are leaving Hong Kong after 2019.

Elpis: "In writing this book, I wanted parents to be able to explain the struggles and emotions of leaving home to their children. I hope this book will help children understand their own experiences of leaving home and hold on to their identity as Hongkongers. It's a story of hope and resilience in the face of difficult times.”

 "The story is based on real-life events that my family and I experienced, such as visiting the Lennon Wall, smelling the tear gas."

 "I'm thrilled that this book has received the blessings of the last Governor of Hong Kong, Sir Lord Chris Patten, and that Professor Simon Shum and Reverend Leung have written FOREWORD for us.”












Separation and Reunion:
An Introduction

Separation is never easy. After 2019, many Hongkongers left Hong Kong. Many of them children. How will those children interpret the unimaginable events of those days? The propaganda that distorted facts? How will those children tell the stories of why they left Hong Kong?

We want this picture book to be a record of what happened in Hong Kong for those children, the children who grew up in those times;


Our hope is to provide parents with a picture book that can help explain their struggle with separation;

We don’t want our children to forget that their family roots are in Hong Kong even though they now live somewhere else;

Our hope is that this picture book will be proof of the Hong Kong heritage that exists even in children who were taken from Hong Kong when they were too young to remember.

Since that year, 2019, Hong Kong has changed so much. Those who left may not recognize it anymore.

Yet wherever Hongkongers live, that is where Hong Kong is.

We long to reunite in our Hong Kong homeland one day.

你可以在本網站商店預購《那年之後》,售價為 22.95加元。


You can purchase "Since that YEAR" on our website, where you can also find additional information about the book and the author. The book is bi-lingual and available in  paperback formats.

Join us on our Facebook page to keep up with the latest news and events related to the book launch. Thank you for your support!

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